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Do you know the compression stroke of gasoline generators?

Date:2016-09-24 09:08:15

Do you know the compression stroke of gasoline generators? Generator manufacturers - Long Hong Electrical analysis for you:

In order to make the combustible mixture of the inhalation cylinder can burn quickly to produce a greater pressure, so that the engine to send more power, must be combustible combustion before compression, to reduce the volume, density, temperature, That is, a compression process is required. In this process, the inlet and exhaust valves are all closed, the crankshaft to promote the piston from the bottom dead point to move up a point, that is, compression stroke. At this point the mixture pressure will increase to 0.6-1.2MPa, the temperature up to 600-700K.

In this trip there is a very important concept is the compression ratio. The so-called compression ratio, is compressed before the cylinder in the maximum volume of gas and compressed the minimum volume ratio. The greater the compression ratio, the higher the pressure and temperature of the mixture at the end of the compression, and the faster the combustion rate. Therefore, the greater the power the engine emits, the better the economy. General car compression ratio between 8-10, but now the latest listing of Polo reached a high compression ratio of 10.5, so its torque performance is relatively good. But the compression ratio is too large, not only can not further improve the combustion, but there will be fires and surface ignition and other abnormal combustion.

Flammable gas is due to gas pressure and temperature is too high, in the combustion chamber away from the ignition center of the distal combustible mixture spontaneous combustion caused by an abnormal combustion. The flame spreads at a very high rate when the flame is ignited, and even when the gas is too late to expand, the temperature and pressure increase sharply and a pressure wave is formed, which advances at the speed of sound. When this pressure wave hit the combustion chamber wall is issued a sharp knock sound. At the same time, will also cause the engine overheating, power down, increase fuel consumption and a series of adverse consequences. Serious fires are even can cause valve burned, bushing breakdown, spark plug insulator breakdown and other mechanical damage phenomenon.

In addition to high-compression ratio of the engine, the engine may also face another problem: surface ignition. This is because the hot surface of the cylinder and the incandescent mixture ignited by another kind of abnormal combustion. Surface ignition occurs, is also accompanied by a strong knock on the cylinder sound, resulting in high pressure will increase the engine load and reduce life expectancy.

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