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Dongfanghong diesel engine to the world

Date:2016-09-24 09:53:44

A drag (Luoyang) Dongfanghong Diesel Engine Co., Ltd. in the sunny, spring, the flowers of Fuan. To carry out 2016 Dongfanghong (YTO) diesel generating units to promote.

Dongfanghong companies will promote the prototype more than one, suitable for generating units. The picture shows the general manager of Foshan Longhong Mechanical & Electrical Equipment Co., Ltd. Mr. Su Yisheng and Dongfanghong diesel engine.

In recent years, Dongfanghong diesel generating sets in the domestic and foreign markets to obtain a larger development, the use of the unit is expanding. Radio, telecommunications, computer centers, hospitals and other power supply sites need to power generating units. The generators are widely used in various industries such as airports, mines, oil drilling platforms, tunnel sites, islands, nuclear power plants, satellite earth stations, education centers, banks, insurance companies, financial institutions, water sources, office buildings and so on. Normal power supply. Dongfanghong generating units are all kinds of power supply system is an indispensable important power equipment. The domestic generating units and foreign generating units have a higher price advantage, Southeast Asia, Africa and other countries and regions, industrial development requires a large number of generating units, the domestic generating units with its high price, by the foreign customers Of the favor.

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