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Diesel generator diesel engine winter maintenance code can actually be divided into four, read the moment on the rise of knowledge

Date:2016-11-20 21:44:12

Diesel generator diesel engine winter maintenance code can actually be divided into four, read the moment on the rise of knowledge

 How to maintain diesel engine in winter
A-level maintenance

First, the daily:

1) Check the generator working daily。

2) Check the generator: oil plane, coolant plane。

3) check whether the generator damage, leaking, whether the belt relaxation or wear。

Second, weekly:

1) Repeat the daily A-level examination。

2) Check the air filter, clean or replace the air filter core.

3) Release the water or deposits from the fuel tank and fuel filter。

4) Check the water filter。

5) Check the starter battery.

6) Start the generator and check for influence.

7) Air gun and water cooler before and after the end of the heat sink。

B-level maintenance

1) Repeat Class A daily and weekly examinations。

2) Replace the generator oil. (Oil change cycle is 250 hours or a month)

3) Replace the oil filter。 (Oil filter replacement cycle is 250 hours or a month)

4) Replace the fuel filter cartridge. (Replacement period of 250 hours or a month)

5) Replace the coolant or check the coolant. (Water filter replacement cycle is 250-300 hours, add cooling fluid in the cooling system DCA)

6) Clean or replace the air filter。 (Air filter replacement cycle of 500-600 hours)

C-level maintenance

1) Replace the diesel filter, oil filter, water filter, replace the water tank and oil.

2) adjust the fan belt up tightness.

3) Check the supercharger.

4) demolition, inspection and cleaning PT pump, the actuator.

5) open the rocker chamber cover, check the T-plate, valve guide and into the exhaust valve.

6) Adjust the nozzle lift; adjust the valve clearance.

7) Check the charging generator.

8) Check radiator and radiator outside radiator.

9) Water tank inside the water tank, cleaning tank internal.

10) Check the diesel engine sensor and connecting wires.

11) Check the diesel instrument box

D-level maintenance

1) Replace the oil, diesel, bypass, water filter, replace the oil and engine circulating water.

2) Clean or replace the air filter.

3) Remove the rocker arm cover, check the valve guide, T-plate.

4) Check the adjustment valve clearance。

5) Replace the rocker arm room up and down pad.

6) Check the fan and bracket, and adjust the belt.

7) Check the supercharger.

8) Check the electrical wiring of the diesel engine。

9) Check the motor excitation part of the line。

10) measuring instrument box connected lines.

11) Check the water tank and external cleaning。

12) Repair or replace the pump.

13) dismantling one cylinder main bearing and connecting rod wear。

14) Check or adjust the working status of electronic speed control.

15) Press the lubricating grease at the lubrication point of the generator.

16) Align the excitation part of the generator for dust removal。

17) Check the supercharger axial and radial clearance, such as tolerance should be promptly repaired.

18) Clean and calibrate the injector.

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